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How To Start A Car Delivery Service?

4Nowadays, the car transportation services represent an important notion as an increased number people own cars and get more mobile. There is a great variety of car delivery services and people can choose any package that is suitable for their requests. If you have ever thought about starting a business in this sector, here are some tips which can help you more in developing this idea.

First of all you have to determine the type of auto transporting business you want to start. You can specialize in transports, which work the regular vehicles, or in specialized transportation services, which include enclosed car transport for expensive cars. After you set the kind of wanted business, you can investigate the competition area. If one of the competitors has covered a large part of the domain, you can focus your business on a more specific category like vintage cars for example. Continue Reading

The Customer`s Rights and Car Delivery Services

5It is clear that all transportation companies would work with the well-defined goal of having their customers’ car to be delivered in an optimal environment and of pleasing the client as much as possible. But when it comes to the customer`s responsibilities and making sure that the services are reliable there are many problems which the Car delivery services need to deal with. The companies are likely to provide the best services possible, but to some extent they will need the client to cooperate for a better transportation experience.

The client may call for car delivery services during working hours when he can inspect the car and see exactly how the transporter works with it. He has the permission to even photograph the car to have an initial proof if the vehicle is damaged on the way. It is good to check the car integrity with the company`s representative in order to be sure that there are no damages. After he has picked the car, the customer should investigate every part of it including the roof or the under part.  Otherwise, in case of a possible damage, he will not have any proof that his car was not already damaged when he gave it to the transporter. With the help of the taken photos, he will have the chance to make a comparison and understand exactly where the damage was made. The client has to notice the transporter about the situation and make him sign the condition report before accepting the car.Continue Reading